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Favicon Poles Utility pole

All of your utility poles get the Wolmanized treatment to ensure they will last for a very long time and withstand most weather conditions. Your poles will go through stringent quality control and will meet all AWPA, REA, RUS-DT-5C, and ANSI requirements. Servicing for utility poles is also available. We perform thorough treatment retention for poles being .60cca.

  • Clean to the touch

  • Low conductivity

  • Low corrosivity

  • Odor free

Work with our DOT approved company, who have been in the same location since 1996.

Get only the best in utility poles

  • Highly leach resistant

  • Friendly to the environment

  • Long life

  • Not significantly altered through processing

Your products will be delivered by DeSoto Treated Materials, on our own trucks, and by select contract haulers for distant shipments. Our trucks as well as contract haulers are self-unloading, to save you the hassle of having unloading equipment available. Count on us for delivery of your poles, as well as piling.

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