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July 23, 2015


"Desoto Treated Materials has been WST Electric Coop's pole supplier for numerous years.


Mr. Joe and his staff work ethics are excellent. Ordering process is very easy, with next day delivery (sometimes same day). Mr. Joe always keeps in touch, whether asking for poles needs, delivery is on the way, or thanks for the order. He is always available and makes routine visits.


Desoto does an outstanding job as WST Electric pole provider.


I know I can always count on Desoto for my pole needs."



Tam Brooks

Purchasing Supervisor

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February 10, 2015


"Desoto Treated Materials is our primary pole provider.


No matter what the delivery event, job site, office or events of urgency, they do an outstanding job of providing excellent service and product.


The ordering processes is always pleasurable, efficient and worry free.


Mr. Hartfield is always assessable and addresses any questions or concerns in a prompt professional manner.


I have full confidence in the professional caring attitude Desoto provides us.


Dixie Electric has high regards for Desoto Treated Materials."



Robert Culpepper

Materials & Facilities Supervisor

To Whom It May Concern:


"Northeast LA Power Cooperative has had a working relationship with Desoto Treated Materials for many years, and it is always an easy process when ordering poles. Joe and his staff are very helpful and courteous when discussing my pole needs. Joe has created a trusting "partnership" between Desoto and NELPCO over the years of his dedicated attention to our needs."



Jeff Churchwell

General Manager


Desoto Treated Materials


"Desoto provides us with superior product and service during both normal and storm



Whether its normal or storm event deliveries I know I can trust Desoto to provide

consistent, reliable service.


I have nothing but great regards for Desoto Treated Materials.


From time of order placement to time of delivery and to follow up after delivery they're outstanding.


We're happy to call Desoto our treated pole supplier."



Thomas Provance

Operational Manager




"Magnolia Electric Power has been doing business with Joe Hartfield for over 30

years. Joe is one of the most conscientious, dependable men I know. I appreciate his

prompt, personal attention to our company's requirements.


Whether it's providing for our needs on a regular basis or supplying over 1600 poles in

the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I know I can trust Joe Hartfield and DeSoto Treated

Materials to provide consistent, reliable service."


Darrell Smith

General Manger /CEO

Magnolia Electric Power

McComb, Mississippi